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Melbourne Airport Becomes Second in Southern Hemisphere to Install SmartPath

By Staff Writer | June 1, 2017
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Australia’s Melbourne Airport now has Honeywell’s SmartPath, air navigation service provider Airservices Australia said. The ground-based augmentation system (GBAS) was recently activated.

“GBAS can provide a more resilient system for all runway approaches at Melbourne Airport, providing airlines and air travellers an enhanced level of service particularly when the airport is experiencing poor weather conditions,” said Simon Gandy, chief of aviation for Melbourne Airport.

The system works, Honeywell said, by augmenting signals from the GPS constellation. This enables pilots to make improved approaches and landings using both horizontal and vertical guidance. Approach path information on up to 48 different approaches can be provided.

Airservices said Melbourne now has what is only the second SmartPath installation in the southern hemisphere. Sydney Airport was the first to receive the installation, in 2014. The service provider said it continues to work with the airline industry to encourage installation of SmartPath-capabale avionics.

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