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New Vector Software Solution Provides Automated Data Coupling, Control Coupling Analysis

By Staff Writer | May 30, 2017
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Vector Software Inc. has released VectorCAST/Coupling, which provides data and control coupling verification for C and C++ source files. Coupling verification, Vector Software said, is mandatory for safety-critical avionics software development according to both RTCA DO-178B and DO-178C. The new solution can be used in conjunction with an existing VectorCAST/QA or VectorCAST/Cover project.

“Historically, development organizations in regulated industries such as avionics, automotive, medical, railway, and industrial controls have performed manual analysis of small portions of their code base to ensure that every invocation of a function has been exercised and that every access to the data has been covered,” said Jeffrey Fortin, head of product management at Vector Software. “VectorCAST/Coupling provides developers with automated solutions for data coupling and control coupling analysis for DO-178.”

Coupling analysis can prove that the control and data flow between architectural components in the implantation match what was intended by the design, Vector Software said. It can also prove the flows have been tested. DO-178B requires applicants to identify couples in the design, and verify that only those are the only couples that exist in the implementation. DO-178C requires the same, with the addition of verification that the couples have been exercised during requirements-based functional testing.

“These reports are extremely time-consuming to generate,” the company said. “VectorCAST/Coupling automates the process, providing greater efficiency and faster time to market benefits and generates the Couples Report and Coupling Coverage Report required according to the DO-178C specification.”

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