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New Garmin HUD for Textron Features Synthetic Vision

By Staff Writer | May 18, 2017
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Photo: Garmin

Garmin is set to provide Textron Aviation with a new head-up display (HUD) for super-midsize, midsize and light business aircraft, Garmin said. That includes incorporation on the new super-midsize Cessna Citation Longitude.

The display can be integrated with Garmin flight decks and is compact and self-contained. It offers a 30-deg by 24-deg field-of-view. In clouds, day and night, the solution can automatically adapt to ambient light using incorporated intelligent dimming. Pilot workload is also decreased with declutter mode so displays can be fitted to a pilot’s needs. Tactile operation is similar to the Garmin Integrated Flight Deck.

The display is also integrated with SurfaceWatch, which provides visual and aural cues to assist in approach and a Flight Path Marker that precisely displays where the aircraft is flying. Synthetic vision technology replicates what the pilot would see outside on a clear day, with a 3-D depiction of terrain, traffic, obstacles, the runway environment and more.

In the future, Garmin said the display could be able to integrate with external cameras, including enhanced vision systems. It could also integrate with a combined vision system.

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