Avionica Adds 767, DHC-8-200 to avWiFi STC


avWiFi Avionica

Photo courtesy of Avionica

Avionica has received approval to add Boeing 767-series and DHC-8-200 aircraft to its supplemental type certificate (STC) for avWiFi broadband data-transfer capabilities from the cockpit to the terminal and the cockpit and an airline’s database.

The Miami-headquartered data-collection and data-transmission manufacturer worked with Kalitta Air to add 767-200, -300/-300F and -400ER to the approved model list (AML) for the STC. Kalitta Air is the first Avionica customer using the amended avWiFi STC for on-the-ground, dual-path internet access.

The amended STC “builds on our long history in terminal wireless that began in 2003 with our secureLINK,” said Anthony Rios, VP of sales for Avionica. “We appreciate Kalitta’s support and assistance in this development project that now allows Avionica to provide our customers with Gatelink services on a large array of aircraft.”

Avionica partnered with Air Greenland to add the Bombardier DHC-8-200 to the STC AML. With the avWiFi, the company said, Air Greenland enables terminal wireless connectivity for automated flight data downloads.

In addition, Avionica said, the avWiFi STC seamlessly supports crew wireless applications with approval for all phases of flight.

The amended STC now covers Boeing 737-300s, -400s, -700s and -800s, 777-200s and -300s, DC-10s, MD-10s and MD11s in addition to the 767 and Dash 8-200.

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