Lockheed Martin Taps Honeywell for Commercial Super Hercules Weather Radar

By Staff Writer | May 3, 2017
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Intuvue20weather20radarHoneywell’s IntuVue RDR-4000 and 4000M weather radar systems are set to make their way onboard Lockheed Martin’s new LM-100J Super Hercules commercial freighter, Lockheed Martin said.

"Operators around the world will rely on the LM-100J to go where other commercial freighters won't fly to and can't reach to deliver vital supplies and cargo. Weather will always be a major factor and consideration for LM-100J operations," said George Shultz, VP and general manager of air mobility and maritime missions at Lockheed Martin. "Honeywell's IntuVue radar provides LM-100J pilots with a more complete picture of the weather that impacts their flight. IntuVue gives pilots the necessary data and forecasts so that they can best navigate flight paths without negative impacts to delivery timelines. The system also ensures a safer flying environment for LM-100J crews, which is of paramount importance. IntuVue's capabilities and technological advantages will truly enable the LM-100J to deliver goods anywhere at any time."

The IntuVue RDR-4000M automatically collects a complete 3-D scan of all weather and terrain up to 320 nm ahead and up to 60,000 feet agl, Honeywell said. The system features an advanced hazard feature that can predict hail and lightning out to 160 nm and extended range turbulence up to 60 nm. The solution’s map mode provides images of features like shorelines and bridges. It can also be set to a skin paint mode, which enables pilots to detect and navigate to another aircraft in darkness, clouds or rainfall.

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