Airbus, SITA Cybersecurity Service Protects Airlines, Airports

By Staff Writer | April 7, 2017
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EPA GERMANY INTERNET CYBER SECURITY POL COMPUTING & IT ESPIONAGE & INTELLIGENCE DEU BRAirbus and Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques (SITA) have teamed up to launch new Security Operations Center Services, Airbus said. Airlines, airports and others can now use information from the incident detection services to monitor unusual cyber activity.

"Air transport is part of the Airbus DNA, so it was only natural that we joined forces with SITA to adapt our innovative cyber security solutions to this new service area, which is experiencing exponential growth," said François Lavaste, head of Airbus CyberSecurity. "Our standard solution mainly combines real-time monitoring services for applications and communications dedicated to air transport and incident response services."

This is the first offering from SITA’s new portfolio of cybersecurity products and services. While SITA is one of the largest communications network providers, Airbus said it plans to leverage its expertise in detecting, analyzing and countering cyber attacks. The new service would provide containment and remedial action, protecting airlines’ and airports’ digital assets.

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