Luma LED Caution Warning Panels Now Serves New More Bell Platforms

By Staff Writer | March 7, 2017
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Photo courtesy of Luma Technologies

Photo courtesy of Luma Technologies

Luma Technologies’ list of certificated platforms for its light-emitting diode (LED) Caution Warning panels has expanded its Bell Helicopter offerings, Luma said. The Bell 206, 206L, 214ST and 412 can now select the product for retrofit and modernization efforts.

Initial supplemental type certificates (STC) cover installation of its LT-4000 series panels as a drop-in replacement to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) versions. Those versions have been standard since the mid-1960s. The new panels incorporate Luma’s “Google Ready” design philosophy, delivering FAA-approved sunlight readable aviation colors. The sunlight readable colors do not adversely affect night vision goggle performance. Luma says it expects the STCs to be broken down into Part 27 and Part 29 categories with a likely transition to AML status as more platforms are added. Luma plans to bring the Bell 206/206L and Bell 214/412 panels to Heli-Expo and Aircraft Electronics Assn. shows.

“We’ve always met FAA requirements for legibility, color differentiation, and most important, that they be clearly visible in direct, full-sun conditions,” Bruce Maxwell, Luma’s president, says. “We give you all that and now the added bonus of no significant impact to goggle sensitivity when applicable. They’re NVIS compatible right out of the box… This is a big deal, as it marks our return and first major offerings to the rotary market since our early days on FX AS350/355 performance kits. We made a name for ourselves in the fixed-wing marketplace with our drop in, plug-and-play LED replacement panels for King Air, Beechjet and other platforms.”

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