Aero Dynamix Receives TCCA Approval for S-76D Night-Vision Lighting Mod

By Staff Writer | February 10, 2017
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Photo courtesy of Aero Dynamix

Aero Dynamix Inc. has received a Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) validation approval for its Sikorsky S-76D night-vision lighting modification, the company says.

“ADI added the certification of the S-76D to our long list of existing supplemental type certificates in 2015 and now we are working to obtain further international approvals,” says Tonka Hufford, ADI’s chief operating officer. “The lighting modification is a combination of internal avionics modifications in concert with manufactured overlays and [edge lit panels].”

The company’s edge lit panels (ELP) are manufactured in-house. Options include ELPs for night vision imaging systems (NVIS), non-night vision goggle (NVG) ELPs, panels with removable circuit boards or embedded lamps, control heads, consoles, circuit breaker panels, bezels and instrument overlays. Aero Dynamix says it is the only aircraft NVIS lighting campy that offers integrally lit instrument panel overlays that provide NVG-compatible lighting to a group of instruments. The overlays can be applied to a cluster of instruments or an entire analog instrument panel.

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