Alta Data Launches ARINC Ethernet Signal-Testing Appliance

By James T. McKenna | January 25, 2017
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Alta Data Technologies has released a network appliance to provide advanced ARINC-429 signal parametrics testing. 

Dubbed eNet-A429P, the appliance combines variable voltage control with a digital signal generator on transmission channels and analog-to-digital (A/D) signal capture on receive channels for advanced ARINC-420 parametrics signal testing. It also includes the portable, abstracted AltaAPI development software kit, native National Instrument’s LabVIEW support and optional AltaView windows analyzer capabilities to simplify customer’s software integration. 

Three transmit channels have +/- 3V to +/-12V variable voltage control along with a digital signal generator to construct virtually any test signal for ARINC-429 validation testing, according to the company, which added that two of the receive channels have a one microsecond, 8-bit A/D, 2048-sample signal capture to auto-measure receive signals.

“Being a small, low-cost Ethernet appliance, the product can be easily integrated into just about any platform,” says Alta Data Chief Technology Officer Jake Haddock.

He explains that the AltaCore protocol engine was designed with a real-time, thin-sever UDP front-end, with an auto-bridging mode for sniffing ARINC interfaces. Haddock says a customer has the option to control the eNet-A429P like a traditional interface card and simultaneously have ARINC label packets auto transmitted on the LAN so that any computer/OS can monitor data. 

“Our software development packages coupled with these new signal control features allow the customer to quickly integrate advanced ARINC signal validation into avionics test systems,” Haddock says.

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