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German Policymakers Urged to Take Next Step in Civil Drone Regulations

By S.L. Fuller | January 19, 2017
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Germany has officially committed to creating civilian drone use regulations, DFS German Air Traffic Control GmbH says. The state agency says it is also eager for the government to take the next step.

Photo: Faustonadal, via Flickr

This commitment follows the holiday season, which the country was reportedly struggling to effectively anticipate as mass drone-giving occasion. The German government has not yet given a drone weight distinction in the civil airspace. Air Traffic Control has urged officials to not only give weight class, but also to use that system to determine a drone registry. The agency has also warned policy makers of the importance of keeping up with the fast-growing drone market.

EASA currently has authority to regulate drones over about 5 ounces in European Union member states. But Germany wants a system of its own. The government is reportedly drawing up proposals similar to those in the U.S. and the U.K.

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