New Report Shows Asian Defense Budgets Growing Military Avionics Sales

By Woodrow Bellamy | December 16, 2016
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[Avionics Magazine 12-16-2016] Technological research and development company Technavio released a new report projecting the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) to be 3 percent from 2017 to 2021 for the global military avionics market. 
Infographic: Technavio.
The pilot’s vision from the aircraft remains the single most critical factor for safety in military missions, encouraging the innovation of synthetic vision system (SVS), the report says. A SVS is an aircraft cockpit display technology that improves situational awareness using the 3D computer-generated imagery technology enhancing visibility in low and unfamiliar territory. 
“The military aircraft avionics systems market is driven by Asian nations such as India, South Korea, and Thailand due to their increasing defense budgets to strengthen national security. China has the largest military power in the region, undergoing significant military modernization and restructuring to deal with potential threats and enhance its defense capabilities. China is followed by India, which deploys a large number of military aircraft along the Line of Control with Pakistan for monitoring and surveillance missions,” says Moutushi Saha, one of the lead market research analysts at Technavio for defense research.

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