IdeaNova Launches Avionics Industry-Focused Data Analysis Tool

By Juliet Van Wagenen | December 1, 2016
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Diagram of the InShow data analysis tool for avionics media streaming
Diagram of the InShow data analysis tool for avionics media streaming. Photo: IdeaNova

[Avionics Magazine 12-01-2016] In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) solutions provider IdeaNova Technologies has launched Inshow, a data analysis tool focused specifically on media playback and deployment in the avionics industry. With Inshow, avionics companies can analyze and visualize vital information about their entire media-streaming ecosystem, ranging from system performance to the customer’s media playback experience.

Inshow can collect information ranging from a fine grain trace level of technical detail to mission critical operations data, or it can be configured to collect only pertinent performance and business information.

“Analysis of data is a common problem across any media delivery system. Inshow fills the gap of many avionics companies that deploy media streaming technology and find a void of information when trying to analyze system performance or extract business intelligence out of the system usage,” said Juraj Siska, CTO of IdeaNova Technologies.

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