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Touchscreen Flight Displays Take Off on Boeing’s 777X

By Juliet Van Wagenen | September 21, 2016
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Rockwell Collins touchscreens to be integrated in the Boeing 777X
Rockwell Collins touchscreens to be integrated in the Boeing 777X. Photo: Rockwell Collins

[Avionics Magazine 09-21-2016] Boeing has selected Rockwell Collins to provide touchscreen flight displays for all five flight deck displays on the new Boeing 777X. The touchscreen capability aims to make the flight deck more intuitive for pilots and more efficient for flight operations. This is the first time a commercial air transport aircraft will be equipped with touchscreen forward-flight displays, according to Rockwell Collins.

The 777X touchscreen flight displays will be multi-touch, so two pilots can touch the same screen at the same time. In addition, the touchscreens will use resistive technology (firm touch versus light) for avoiding unintentional interaction with the displays, and the touchscreen bezel will provide bracing features for operation during turbulence. The displays will provide the aircraft with integrated surveillance system with MultiScan weather radar, select flight controls, avionics gateway secure server router, and optional dual head-up guidance system.

Rockwell Collins is Boeing’s display provider on all of its next-generation aircraft, including the 777X, 787 Dreamliner, 737 MAX and the 747-8. Boeing currently has 300 orders and commitments for the 777X, with first deliveries planned for 2020.

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