Rio’s First Commercial A380 Flight Lands

By Juliet Van Wagenen | August 23, 2016
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First commercial A380 flight lands in Rio
First commercial A380 flight lands in Rio. Photo: Airbus

[Avionics Today 08-23-2016] The first commercial A380 flight to Rio, Brazil has landed in RIOgaleao – Tom Jobim International Airport on Aug. 22. The Paris-Rio Air France flight was specifically scheduled on the occasion of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. The airport is joining the list of the 230 A380 compatible airports around the world.

RIOgaleao offers three A380 parking stands to allow future A380 scheduled operations. As a result of steady certification efforts in recent years, four airports in Latin America are capable of welcoming A380 commercial operations and supporting long-term air traffic growth in the region. Joining Tom Jobim International Airport are Benito Juarez Mexico City Airport, Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport and Cancun International Airport.

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