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By Juliet Van Wagenen | July 22, 2016
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It’s vacation season! Are you stepping onto a plane set for an exotic destination? How much do you know about that plane though? If it’s a lot, man have we got a quiz for you.

Bon Voyage and good luck on this week’s News Quiz AvGeek!

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Try This Week's Avionics News Quiz!
Our new Avionics News Quiz is designed to challenge your knowledge on the latest happenings in the aviation industry. Think you're a true aviation geek? Take our quiz and how you stack up this week!
Facebook announced the first flight of its Aquila drone this week, a solar-powered airplane with what ultimate goal?

Bringing affordable internet to remote locations

Setting the world record for largest wingspan

Flying around the world sans pilot

Dropping free smartphones to nations with emerging economies

What airline was forced to cancel and delay hundreds of flights and delay hundreds of flights this week after an issue with its technical systems?



Qatar Airways


Airbus, Lufthansa Group and Honeywell Aerospace started working together on the development of a solution that will combine Airbus’ ROPS, Honeywell's SmartLanding technology and Lufthansa Group’s fleet of air transport aircraft in order to stop what?

Bird strikes

Wind vortex

Runway excursions


Myanmar signed an agreement to explore what surveillance technology this week?

Space-based ADS-B



Traditional ground-based radar

Bombardier’s C Series CS100 aircraft launched revenue services this week with what airline?





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It's been a busy week in the world of aircraft electronics, NextGen, in-flight connectivity and everything in aviation. Have you been keeping up with the latest developments? Test your knowledge here to see how you stack up!
Avionics News Quiz
July 22, 2016
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