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Rolls-Royce Taps SITA OnAir for Engine Health Monitoring

By Juliet Van Wagenen | July 6, 2016
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Rolls-Royce will employ SITA technology to streamline engine data
Rolls-Royce will employ SITA OnAir technology to streamline engine data. Photo: SITA OnAir

[Avionics Today 07-06-2016] Rolls-Royce has selected SITA OnAir’s Aircom FlightMessenger to collate and distribute Engine Health Monitoring (EHM) data from its aircraft engines. As part of its 24/7 monitoring service, Rolls-Royce aims to use the EHM data distributed by FlightMessenger to anticipate maintenance needs and maximize the operational life of its engines.

Rolls-Royce engines collect and analyze data during flight, which is then transmitted to Rolls-Royce. The company will use SITA OnAir’s FlightMessenger system to simplify the thousands of messages received per day through a single system to receive and distribute these messages to its analytics and operations teams.

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