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Rockwell Collins’ Unveils New CASP for Business Aircraft

By Veronica Magan | November 16, 2015
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Photo: Rockwell Collins

[Avionics Today 11-16-2015] Rockwell Collins introduced new Corporate Aircraft Service Program (CASPSM) offerings that provide aircraft customers with more flexibility for maintenance and service. The new offerings — CASP Elite and CASP Essential — complement Rockwell Collins’ established CASP offering.

The CASP Elite package, integrates more maintenance services and includes Rockwell Collins FMS updates and discounts on ARINCDirect international trip support. And the CASP Essential package, aimed at turboprops and entry-level jets, has of the lowest minimum flight hours per aircraft requirement while still offering Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-level quality coverage, according to Thierry Tosi, vice president and general manager of service solutions for Rockwell Collins. He also said that the company made its traditional CASP offering more flexible by adding a three-year fixed-price contract option.

CASP Elite and CASP are offered as one- or three-year contracts with either 200- or 250-hour minimum flight hours per aircraft requirements, respectively. CASP Essential is offered on a one- or three-year contract with a 100-hour minimum flight hours per aircraft requirement.

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