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Astronics Launches New Enhanced Vision Technology for Experimental Aircraft

By Woodrow Bellamy III  | June 29, 2016
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[Avionics Magazine 06-29-2016] Astronics Max-Viz has announced the launch of a new X1+HR Enhanced Vision System (EVS) designed for the experimental and home built aircraft market. Priced at $18,000, the uncertifiedX1+HR sensor uses a 640×480 pixel resolution long wave infrared thermal imager with electronic zoom to assist pilots of experimental and homebuilt aircraft, which often operate from unimproved airstrips with wildlife and other obstacles. It is compatible with any display that accepts NTSC or PAL/Analog RS-170 signals.
The X1 + HR EVS from Astronics for experimental and home built aircraft. Photo: Astronics Corp.

The system, which only weighs 1.2 pounds, allows pilots to see temporary obstructions, such as wildlife and construction barriers, which may not be visible and are not in any synthetic vision database. The X1+HR enhances safety for the experimental pilot community by enabling pilots to see up to 10 times further than unaided human vision in visibility-obscured conditions, such as smoke, haze and light fog, in daytime or nighttime. The new system has a metal fairing design, a composite video signal format, selectable white-hot/black-hot polarity and is DO-160G compliant.  

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