Air Canada Welcomes Modernization of Air Canada Public Participation Act

By Woodrow Bellamy III | June 24, 2016
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[Avionics Magazine 06-24-2016] Air Canada today welcomed the passage of Bill C-10 into an Act of Parliament modernizing in part the Air Canada Public Participation Act that came into effect when Air Canada was privatized 28 years ago. The revised Act allows Air Canada, like other Canadian and international carriers, to determine the location, the volume and type of aircraft maintenance it does, including the work that will be done in Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario.
Air Canada Boeing 787. Photo: Air Canada.
Air Canada was privatized in 1988-89 through two public offerings by which the Government of Canada received gross proceeds of approximately $500 million for its shares. 
“As a private sector company, owned by private sector interests, and operating in a highly competitive global industry, Air Canada should have the same flexibility enjoyed by other airlines to make business decisions on maintenance services based on the competitiveness and quality of services contracted. The revised act recognizes that competition, not statutory prescription, creates and sustains jobs by private sector employers in an open economy,” the Canadian airline said in a statement released on its website.

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