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Avinor to Join European ANSP iTEC Collaboration

By Woodrow Bellamy III  | June 17, 2016
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[Avionics Magazine 06-17-2016] Norwegian Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) Avinor has joined a collaboration project between the U.K., Germany, Spain and the Netherlands that seeks to use iTEC as a common flight data processing system for managing air traffic across European airspace. Existing members of the iTEC collaboration project account for management of more than one third of European air traffic. 
Martin Rolfe, NATS Chief Executive Officer and Anders Kirsebom, Avinor Managing Director of Air Navigation Service, sign iTEC agreement. Photo: NATS UK.
The goal of the iTEC collaboration project is to develop an open and interoperable system for processing flight data, which can be used by the different European ANSPs and move more toward an Air Traffic Management (ATM) structure that is integrated across Europe, and away from the current fragmented structure. NATS UK defines iTEC as the "next generation flight data processing system" with "a range of tools to help reduce air traffic controller workload, increase airspace capacity and improve safety."
Avinor joined the coalition of European ANSPs currently working on developing the use of iTEC as a common flight data processing system through a systems group agreement with NATS UK. The agreement paves the way for Norway to join the UK, Germany, Spain and Netherlands in the use of iTEC as a common flight data processing system and is a major step towards the creation of a single, efficiently structured European airspace. The iTEC system will enable an increase in airspace capacity while improving safety and reducing emissions through the introduction of “free route airspace,” 4D trajectory-based operations and flight path monitoring, according to a statement released by NATS UK. 
“For us, it is vital to transition to an upgraded and interoperable system which enables us to deliver on the targets SESAR and the Single European Sky program, at a lowest possible cost, risk and complexity. Entering the iTEC alliance in close cooperation with NATS will enable us to provide the best possible services to our customers while maintaining our attractive unit rate," said Anders Kirsebom, managing director of air navigation services at Avinor.

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