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Satcom Direct Looks to Fully Integrate Flight Operations Data

By Juliet Van Wagenen | May 26, 2016
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Satcom Direct SD Pro
Satcom Direct SD Pro. Photo: Satcom Direct

[Avionics Today 05-26-2016] Satcom Direct has introduced a new product that aims to create a fully integrated flight operations management platform. SD Pro aggregates information from multiple sources the flight department is already using, into a Web-based display, so that every member of the team can access it from their desktop, tablet or mobile device.

 “We conceived the idea for SD Pro when we saw how members of aircraft management companies and flight departments had to access numerous information sources, multiple screens, and disparate access points to do their jobs. SD Pro changes that by bringing together many of these functions into a modular dashboard. We’ve already partnered with a number of providers to integrate the systems flight departments use most and more partnerships are in the works,” said David Greenhill, president of Satcom Direct.

SD Pro also offers data capture capabilities from its FlightDeck Freedom (FDF) premium datalink service, and the Satcom Direct Router (SDRTM). This allows the extraction of operational data from the aircraft such as telemetry and position data, fuel indications, and operational parameter, among others. This aims to create a historical record for the life of the aircraft.

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