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Teledyne, Lufthansa Collaborate to Push More Useful Info Into the Cockpit

By Juliet Van Wagenen | May 20, 2016
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Photo: Teledyne

[Avionics Today 05-20-2016] Teledyne Controls and Lufthansa Systems are collaborating to integrate the latter’s Lido/eRouteManual navigation application with Teledyne’s GroundLink Comm+ system with Aircraft Interface Device (AID) functionality to bring further information more usefully into the cockpit.

The project aims to allow ground charts, departure charts, en-route maps, arrival charts and airport facility charts to be quickly and easily integrated with the aircraft’s existing onboard data systems to enable the pilot to make better informed decisions to improve operational efficiency both on the ground and in the air.

Situational awareness, whether at an airport or in-flight is critical; being able to combine that information with other essential flight data brings a further level of control, according to Lufthansa Systems Director Products Lido/Navigation, Igor Dimnik.

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