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Telrad Networks Emerges as First Wave 1 AeroMACS Certified Solution

By Juliet Van Wagenen | April 26, 2016
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Telrad headquarters
Telrad headquarters. Photo: Telrad

[Avionics Today 04-26-2016] Telrad Networks has achieved Wave 1 Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System (AeroMACS) certification at the WiMAX Forum-designated certification lab, Powertech Labs. As the first manufacturer to have AeroMACS equipment certified to Radio Conformance Testing (RCT), Telrad Networks has been an active part of the validation process, which aims to ensure more efficient testing for RCT. The company expects Wave 2 AeroMACS certification to begin later this year at Powertech Labs and will include Protocol Conformance Testing (PCT) and interoperability testing to complete full WiMAX Forum AeroMACS Certification.

“With Telrad Networks having completed Wave 1 AeroMACS Certification, we are confident that we will be able to complete the RCT portion of certification more smoothly when other AeroMACS equipment manufacturers approach us to certify their equipment this year,” said Eugene Crozier, wireless specialist for Powertech Labs.

Telrad’s newly certified products include BreezeCOMPACT base station, CPE5000 fixed or mobile devices, as well as our unique ASN-GW & StarSuite network management system.

“Wave 1 AeroMACS certification brings us a step closer to Wave 2 AeroMACS Certification. With full certification, we will be able to offer the AeroMACS ecosystem interoperable equipment and ensure that this equipment meets requirements of other organizations in the Aviation industry,” said Declan Byrne, president of the WiMAX Forum. “AeroMACS will be deployed more widely and thus benefit all stakeholders —aviation authorities, air carriers and airports.”

AeroMACS is a wireless broadband communications system for the airport surface based on the IEEE 802.16e standard, and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has identified AeroMACS as a central technology for future aviation requirements in the Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP). Additionally, the FAA and Eurocontrol have identified it as necessary to support air traffic control and management and increase the safety and regularity of flight. AeroMACS operates in the 5091-5150 MHz band for airport applications allocated by the ITU.

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