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Avidyne Adds Synthetic Vision Views to GPS FMS Series

By Juliet Van Wagenen | April 4, 2016
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Avidyne IFD540 GPS FMS for GA aircraft
Avidyne IFD540 GPS FMS for GA aircraft. Photo: Avidyne

[Avionics Today 04-04-2016] Avidyne is making Synthetic Vision System (SVS) views available on every version of the company’s IFD-series GPS Flight Management Systems (FMS) for general aviation aircraft. With Avidyne’s 10.2 software upgrade, the company’s IFD540 and IFD440 GPS FMS systems will be able to display exocentric in-trail SVS views of the host aircraft, along with overlay of flight plan, terrain, obstacles, 3D traffic and terrain warnings. Avidyne also announced the new IFD410, a GPS-only version of the IFD440, which offers exocentric synthetic vision capability.

“Any aircraft owner upgrading their panel-mounted navigator to an Avidyne IFD will get a hybrid touch-screen [Wide Area Augmentation System] WAAS GPS, a place to view [Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast] ADS-B traffic and weather, and a synthetic vision display all in the same panel space,” said Dan Schwinn, Avidyne’s president and CEO.

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