Middle East Airlines Show the Way In Technology Investments

By by Mark Holmes | April 1, 2016
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In this edition, we put the spotlight on a number of case studies of different metroplexes around the United States, and where they are with their NextGen initiatives. We look in detail at work done in Denver and North Texas for example, and find out the unique challenges that airports face.

We also look at the exciting Middle East market where airlines are investing huge amounts on new aircraft and technology and avionics capability. We talk to some key decision makers within these airlines on their investments, and the importance of staying one step ahead when it comes to improving the passenger experience.

Additionally, we bring you a fascinating interview with key Boeing executive Bob Dankers, who talks about the investments that the airframer is making in terms of ADS-B, new aircraft and the technology advances it is making in terms of avionics when bringing out its latest aircraft. It is a fascinating interview. In the topic of ADS-B, in this edition we also go over some of the challenges obsolescence presents to ADS-B and NexGen efforts.

In our regular Upgrade Central piece our Associate Editor, Woodrow Bellamy III looks at the wire and cable market, one of the major markets within avionics. This feature is backed up by exclusive survey data from the Avionics readership.

We are also getting ready for some key events like AEEC | AMC, which once again will bring a lot of stakeholders together to discuss how air travel can become better going forward. It is one of the signature events of the year, and we look forward to seeing you there, with our event pocket guide in hand, and being part of those discussions.

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