Airbus BizLab Selects 10 European, Indian Start-Ups for Accelerated Program

By Juliet Van Wagenen | March 17, 2016
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Airbus BizLab selects 10 European, Indian start-ups for a program to accelerate aviation technologies’ entries into the market
Airbus BizLab selects 10 European, Indian start-ups for a program to accelerate aviation technologies’ entries into the market. Photo: Airbus

[Avionics Today 03-17-2016] Airbus BizLab has selected 10 start-ups from Hamburg, Germany and Bangalore, India as part of the Airbus business accelerators project, which aims to speed up the transformation of new aviation ideas and technologies into valuable business propositions.

Airbus offers a comprehensive support through a six-month acceleration program to selected projects. The start-ups will interact with Airbus experts from various domains, including technology, legal, finance, marketing, etc. They will have office space and access to prototyping and test facilities.

The six start-ups selected in Hamburg from 100 applicants in 29 countries include:
• ZinkCloud, with a project focused on developing software to improve quality production by using machine learning and natural language processing;
• Jetlite, a company that aims to decrease jetlag by a use of the existing cabin lighting LED-system;
• Synergeticon, which offers a digital platform with connected smart tools to provide optimal support for manual work processes in production and maintenance;
• Velmenni, a company that aims to create a new wireless technology for high-speed data transmission using visible light;
• Teraki, a project that consists of making Big Data small. Software solutions are provided to reduce data from any Internet of Things (IOT) sensors in a significant way; and
• Nebaqua, a proposal about a water separation system based on ultrasonic nebulization that helps reduce weight and the related management costs.

The four start-ups selected in Bangalore from 80 applicants in seven countries include:
• Blue Morfo, a start-up developing a mobile application to detect and prevent specific corporate health related issues, such as exposure of airline crew to jetlag, cabin pressurization, etc.
• Shoonya Games, a company proposing interactive gaming solutions for training and marketing purposes through the use of Virtual Reality and 3-D technologies embedded in a mobile device;
• Open Turf, a project focused on providing wireless In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) using passenger Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs); and
• Qualitas, a startup offering automated quality inspection systems for manufacturing, specializing in 2-D and 3-D machine vision.

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