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Chile’s Vulcanair Aircraft to Equip with UTC Cloud Cap Tech

By Juliet Van Wagenen | December 11, 2015
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Vulcanair's P68 Observer 2 aircraft
Vulcanair's P68 Observer 2 aircraft. Photo: Vulcanair

[Avionics Today 12-11-2015] UTC Aerospace Systems will deliver Cloud Cap Technology TASE500 imaging systems to Vulcanair Aircraft in support of maritime search and rescue efforts operated by the Chilean Navy. The Chilean Navy provides security for the country's more than 4,300 kilometers of Pacific coastline, as well as the extensive coastline of the Chilean Antarctic Territory, which extends to the South Pole. This requires a long endurance aircraft equipped with high performance optics to aid in the detection of distressed vessels and to provide timely and efficient assistance throughout the broad Chilean maritime region.

The TASE500 imaging system will be installed on Vulcanair's P68 Observer 2 aircraft, a twin–engine airplane designed for maritime observation and patrol. The TASE500 payload provides an all-HD imaging solution that aims to give operators improved situational awareness, an all-digital imaging chain for maximized processing capability and an optimized lens design for enhanced object recognition.

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