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By | June 1, 2003
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VOR/NDB Simulator

Aviation Tutorials Co. LLC, Oak Creek, Wis., recently released version 2.0 of its VOR/ NDB Simulator, training software to help pilots hone their VOR and NDB navigation skills. Its graphics include a fully interactive map area and realistic instrumentation. A redeveloped version of Aviation Tutorials’ original VOR/NDB Simulator, version 2.0 includes such new features as random navigation scenarios, hard-copy printouts of the navigation exercise, enhanced heading control, and simultaneous VOR and NDB training. Its new instrument manager allows the user to select from a menu of instruments, including directional gyro, course deviation indicator, fixed-card and rotatable-card automatic direction finder, horizontal situation indicator, and radio magnetic indicator. Narrated on-screen instructions "walk" the user through the software. The new VOR/NDB Simulator is priced at $69. Visit www.avtutorials.com.


Gulf Coast Avionics, Lakeland, Fla., offers its new GCA-ANR noise-canceling headset, priced at $235. Added to the headset’s passive noise reduction from its dome-shaped ear cups is active, electronic noise reduction, which reduces unwanted sound by an additional 12 to 14 decibels. The GCA-ANR also features an electret microphone with cover and comes with a three-year warranty. Visit www.GCA.aero.

Data Acquisition Card

The PI-41000 data acquisition card, designed primarily for image capture, has been introduced by Pulse Instruments, Torrance, Calif. The new product features twin, 100-MHz inputs that can acquire digital data at up to 400-megabit/sec. The CompactPCI (peripheral component interconnect) instrument card features 128 to 512 megabytes of on-board memory. Multiple cards can be used to increase data rates and capacity. With optional 4:1 muliplexer cards, a single PI-41000 can acquire up to eight digital channels, and systems can be built to handle 32 channels. Visit www.pulseinstruments.com/acquisition.

Flight Recorder

A new line of flight recorders, based on a new 667-MHz central processing unit, has been introduced by Ampol Systems Inc., Long Island, N.Y. The dataMARS104-II flight recorders are said to be twice as fast as previous models and can handle bigger and more demanding projects–up to 12 channels of Mil-Std-1553, for example. To record multiple channels, the dataMARS104-II incorporates increased storage. As an option, Ampol Systems offers a version of the flight recorder line that will use an up to 80-gigabyte rugged hard disc. Visit www.ampol.tech.com

Single-Board Computer

Dy 4 Systems recently announced the latest addition to its line of PowerPC single-board computers (SBCs). Its SVME/DMV-182 is compatible with earlier generations of Dy 4 SBCs, but provides greater input/output (I/O) flexibility, as well as more connectivity and performance in a VME slot. The ruggedized computer uses dual 700-MHz Motorola 7455 processors with Altivec technology and on-chip L2 cache.

Dy 4 Systems also announced that its latest CHAMP-AV II digital signal processor (DSP) is now capable of board-to-board, data-movement performance, which extends the number and type of complex signal processing algorithms. Using two CHAMP-AV II quad PowerPC cards interconnected with Starlink PMC modules, data can be transferred across the fabric in both directions simultaneously at an aggregate sustained throughput of 1.01 gigabits/sec. Visit www.dy4.com.

Cabin Lighting

Emteq offers two versions of flexible strip, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting for low-level accent illumination in aircraft galleys, lavatories and cabinetry. The ELS and ELF lighting, with different LED spacing, is available in 1-inch (2.54-cm) increments and can be installed with a choice of two clip styles. Visit www.emteq.com.

Amplifier and Filter Card

Alligator Technologies, Costa Mesa, Calif., now offers its AAF-3PCI, a signal conditioning instrumentation amplifier and filter card. The fully programmable 2- to 8-channel plug-and-play PCI (peripheral component interconnect) board has optional low-pass and high-pass filters, and amplifier or amplifier/filter/bandpass combination formats, including software. It was designed for filtering applications in sound and vibration testing, ultrasonics, acoustics, structural analysis, scientific and laboratory data collection, and various mechanical applications. Visit www.alligatortech.com.

Weather Data

Flight Deck Resources Inc., Dana Point, Calif., recently debuted the WxWorx Level II NEXRAD data on its line of SkyTab electronic flight bags (EFBs). The new product offering is the result of an alliance between Flight Deck Resources and Weather Worx, which provides real-time weather data. Flight Deck Resources manufactures the SkyTab 600, 700 and 800 portable EFBs. Visit www.flightdeckresources.com.

New References

Three new books have been released for pilots to add to their reference shelf. Aviation Suppliers & Academics Inc. (ASA) has published A Pilot’s Guide to Aircraft and Their Systems, to help pilots understand "what each handle and knob controls and what they can expect from each on-board system." The author, Dale Crane, has more than 50 years experience as a mechanic, pilot, engineer, FAA examiner and aviation writer. ASA also published Severe Weather Flying, written by Dennis Newton, to help pilots understand meteorological information and improve their decision making while flying. Newton is a meteorologist, weather research pilot, engineering test pilot, and a flight instructor with an air transport pilot rating.

Meanwhile, Spitzer and Boyes LLC has published The Instrumentation Reference Book, which includes chapters on vacuum instrumentation, fieldbus standards, virtual instrumentation, electromagnetic compatibility, fiber optics, analyzer, and level and flow meters, among other topics. Walt Boyes, the author, has 25 years of experience in automation, controls and instrumentation. Visit www.asa2fly.com and www.bhusa.com/engineering.

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