Editor's Note

NextGen Mandates Loom Large

By Jonathan Ray | October 1, 2015
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By the time you read this editorial note, we will have completed a hopefully highly successful Avionics for NextGen event in Washington, D.C. bringing together key decision makers to talk about all things NextGen. With many mandates, and airlines needing to equip and modernize by a certain time, we are approaching a key few years in the whole NextGen debate. The benefits are obvious, but like with all these things, execution to a deadline is never easy. But, while there could be some short term pain, the long term gains could definitely be worth it when it comes to improved efficiency all across the board.

In this edition of Avionics Magazine, we look at a number of key topics facing the avionics industry. We take a look at Performance Based Navigation (PBN), which is one of the hot topics in and around NextGen, with the FAA implementing a number of new satellite-based procedures across the United States. We also have an exclusive interview with ImagineAir CEO, Ben Hamilton, an air taxi service company, about the company’s plans, as well the challenges of complying with the FAA’s Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) out mandate. Speaking of FAA mandate, we also take an in-depth look at a number of issues surrounding ADS-B in another key feature in the publication this time around. Our Upgrade Central features, where we exclusively survey our readers, sees us take an in-depth look at the retrofit market as well as real-time monitoring.

Certainly, we look forward to providing you updates from Avionics for NextGen. It is a huge topic within our industry, and hopefully we can come out of this event with a feeling of optimism for the years ahead.

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