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FTG Cockpit Control Panels Receive CAAC Airworthiness Tags

By Juliet Van Wagenen | September 24, 2015
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C919 cockpit. Photo: GE Communications
C919 cockpit. Photo: GE Communications

[Avionics Today 09-24-2015] The cockpit control panel assemblies being developed for Shanghai Avionics Corporation (SAVIC) by Firan Technology Group (FTG) have received airworthiness tags from the Civil Airworthiness Association of China (CAAC). The airworthiness tags indicate that the control panel assemblies have passed conformity inspection in accordance with CAAC regulations. The product will be integrated into Aircraft 101 and will be part of the C919 first flight. 

FTG’s equipment includes nine control panel assemblies. Each assembly incorporates the human-machine interface element, microprocessor-based interface electronics and software to connect the assemblies into the aircraft data bus. When delivered to SAVIC, the assemblies will be integrated into a complete display system for the aircraft.

This represents FTG’s first airworthiness approval from China. It also reflects positively on the overall accomplishments on the C919 program as it progresses through design, development, first flight and certification toward production in the coming years.

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