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New Family of Portable ADTS Instruments for Compliant Pitot-Static Testing from GE

By Jonathan Ray | August 1, 2015
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The new ADTS500 Series from the Druck product line of GE Measurement & Control introduces Bluetooth® technology with a remote touch/swipe screen, hand terminal to provide an easy-to-use, compliant, portable and accurate solution to pitot-static instrumentation testing of aircraft on the flightline and in the hangar. With a calibration period of up to 18 months, the ADTS500 Series also offers extremely favourable low cost of ownership and is supported globally by GE.

“This new range of pitot-static test instruments has been purpose-designed to be especially easy to use, to help aircraft operators reduce engineering time for standard maintenance, trouble-shooting, leak testing and emergency aircraft-on-ground situations,” explains Mark Singleton, product manager at GE. “At the same time, it helps provide compliance with aircraft technical regulations and with manufacturers’ aircraft maintenance manuals (AMMs).”


All ADTS500 instruments consist of a base unit, which can be battery-powered or plug-in, with a separate hand terminal, which is paired with the base by Bluetooth® technology or cable. As result, operation is remote and, when wireless, there is no need to run cables or hoses to the cockpit. The terminal’s colour screen, user-interface employs swipe technology and its intuitive touch menu, which offers a choice of languages, allows operators to scroll quickly through the tasks. All test sequences can be saved and recalled, with rapid access to parameters such as altitude, rate of climb, calibrated air speed and true air speed. Additional hand terminals can also be employed to further improve productivity.

The accuracy and reliability of the new instruments are derived from their use of GE’s TERPS (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor) technology. This makes them ideally suited to RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) and airspeed validation. In addition, smooth vacuum/pressure control of high flow rates satisfy any demand for high rate in change in a large volume, to simulate steep rates of climb, is catered for by Druck’s new Proportional Control Technology, coupled with a large pump capacity.

The ADTS500 Series is available in four versions. The ADTS542F is a compact two-channel test set and is ideal for any aircraft with low pitot-static volumes or for light aircraft and helicopters. The ADTS552F is a two-channel test set designed for use with the complete range of aircraft from helicopters up to large wide body passenger jets and freight transporters. The ADTS553F features three test channels and can be used with smart probes featuring two static channels and one pitot channel to validate angle of attack. It can also be used as a standard two-channel flightline air data test set. The versatile four channel ADTS554F can be operated in standard two-channel mode, can be operated in three channel mode for any aircraft requiring angle of attack validation and can also be operated as two independently controlled two-channel air data test sets, for example in the simultaneous testing of pilot and first officer instruments. A modular design allows the ADTS 552F and ADTS553F to be easily up-graded to meet changing needs by the addition of extra channels.

The new ADTS instruments have an altitude range of -3,000 to +60,000 feet and an airspeed range of 20 to 650 knots. A range of optional accessories is available including an ADTS backpack, hoses and adaptors.

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