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Curtiss Wright Completes Development Phase of LIG NEX1 Contract

By Woodrow Bellamy III  | June 8, 2015
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[Avionics Today 06-08-2015] Curtiss Wright Corp.’s defense solutions division has completed the development phase of a contract received from LIG Nex1 to supply its radar processing technology for use in the Korean Army’s Next-Generation local air defense radar and the Korean Air Force long-range surveillance radar. Under the agreement, Curtiss-Wright provided LIG Nex1 with its latest generation high performance OpenVPX modules, including high performance FPGA, single board computer, DSP, network switch and Flight Management Computer (FMC) processing module products. These open architecture modules provide the pulse compression and beamforming processing for the Radar’s new signal processing system. 
 “While Curtiss-Wright has been honored by LIG Nex1 to provide our processing solutions for many previous Korean Radar programs, these important programs are the first to leverage the unmatched FPGA performance of our latest generation of OpenVPX boards to provide critical Radar Signal Processing functions.”

During the three-year development period, LIG Nex1 showed advanced capabilities such as Multiple Digital Beamforming and Pulse Compression on Curtiss-Wright’s CHAMP-FX3 FPGA board and cutting-edge Radar signal processing algorithms on Curtiss-Wright’s CHAMP-AV8 DSP and VPX6-1957 SBC modules. Use of the CHAMP-FX3 helped to significantly reduce the number of required processing boards. Curtiss-Wright also provided its VPX6-684 gigabit ethernet network switch module.  

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