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Avionics Industry More Active than Ever

By Veronica Magan | April 1, 2015
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In this edition of Avionics Magazine, we aim to help you navigate the current state of the commercial airline industry. We talk to influencers from Aeromexico, Emirates and Southwest, among others, to get their insight on the upgrade or replace topic. Whether an airline chooses to upgrade or replace its fleet, there is a very thought-out process behind this decision. We go behind the curtains to learn how these leaders approach the issue.

Also, as the Internet becomes ubiquitous, new technologies continue to flow into the market to keep aircraft up to date and keep airborne flight crews and passengers connected at all times. While these are all great opportunities and advances for the industry, increased data streams onto aircraft can lead to cyber security issues. We look into what cyber security looks like for the avionics industry and what experts are saying about what the real threats are.

We also take a deep look into what NextGen means for the general aviation community, especially in terms of cost and safety. And, finally, we go deep into technology on our Upgrade Central section. First, we examine the current use of rotary, pushbutton, and touchscreen switches and how these are evolving along side cockpit technology. Second, we dive into enhanced vision systems and examine the situational awareness and flight operations benefits that this technology can provide for operators across all segments of air transportation.

We hope you enjoy this edition and we look forward to seeing you at our coming events: the Global Connected Aircraft Summit this June and Avionics for NextGen in October.

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