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ENAV Selects Searidge for SESAR JU Remote Tower Demonstration

By Woodrow Bellamy III  | March 10, 2015
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[Avionics Today 03-10-2015] Italian Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) ENAV has selected Searidge Technologies for the Single European Sky ATM Research Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) Remote Airport Concept of Operation (RACOON) demonstration project. The RACOON project will demonstrate the viability of providing remote Air Traffic Control tower services to multiple airports. 
Milano Malpensa Airport tower. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.
The project will establish a remote tower at Milano Malpensa Airport, which will provide remote airport services combined with air navigation (RNAV) procedures for night-time operations to Milano Linate, as well as a "virtual airport," according to Searidge.
"As we transition from the traditional air traffic control operation to a remote tower operation it is essential to have a technology partner that encourages the team to customize all aspects of the solution to best support the unique requirements of each concept operation," said Cristiano Baldoni, international strategies manager, SESAR Unit, ENAV S.P.A.
Searidge will provide air traffic controllers at the RTC center with real-time video that has automation functionality, advanced video processing for target tracking and positioning, integrated real-time data on a common platform and a customized Human-Machine Interface (HMI) where all information will be displayed. During night operations, approach radar, ground radar and electronic flight strips data will be integrated to give them a comprehensive view of all activity taking place on and around the airport surface.

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