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Beijing General Aviation Launches Construction on P750 Manufacturing, Maintenance Facility

By Juliet Van Wagenen | October 29, 2015
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BGA plans to manufacture P750 GA airplanes for the growing GA community in China
BGA plans to manufacture P750 GA airplanes for the growing GA community in China. Photo: Aerophile

[Avionics Today 10-29-2015] Beijing General Aviation Co. (BGAC) officially started the construction of the aircraft production facility for Beijing Navigation Changzhou Aircraft Industry Co. (BNCAG) in Changzhou National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone’s Aviation Industrial Park. Once the new facility starts operation, it is scheduled to produce 70 P750 airplanes annually and serve as BGAC’s manufacturing and maintenance.

To address the growing General Aviation (GA) market in China, BNCAG will be primarily engaged in the manufacturing and certification of fixed-wing P750 GA aircraft. The P750 is a multipurpose and fixed-wing aircraft with a single turboprop engine and offers short-distance take-off and landing, reverse propeller-enabled ability to back up while on the ground, flexibility and motility in the air, in addition to other features. The aircraft has received airworthiness certificates for operation in over 20 countries and regions, including the U.S. and Europe.

The firm will establish the P750 aircraft service and support center for east China in stages, and will manage the company’s activities across the general aviation industry chain, including showcasing and sales, test flight and delivery, supply of peripheral aviation equipment as well as modification and maintenance of P750 aircraft.

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