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Moldova CAA and EASA Align to Improve Aviation Safety Standards

By Juliet Van Wagenen | December 12, 2014
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[Avionics Today 12-12-2014] The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of the Republic of Moldova (RM) has become the first institution of civil aviation from the European Union neighborhood countries to sign the new type of working arrangement with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The agreement aims to align the two agencies to improve the standards of aviation safety, as outlined in the Common Aviation Area Agreement signed by Moldova and the EU and its member states in 2012.

A relevant European body will monitor Moldova to follow the progress of implementation of European standards in civil aviation. EASA urges that cooperation in this regard will not generalize additional costs for Moldova or CAA RM. Moreover, CAA RM will likely benefit from new opportunities in collaboration with EASA, including involvement in the activities of working groups within this European institution.

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