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Boeing Tests Ka-Band Satcom Antenna

By Tish Drake | January 28, 2011
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Boeing on Thursday said it successfully conducted its first over-the-air ground test of a Ka-band satellite communications phased-array antenna system. The system will enable wideband SATCOM on aircraft, providing increased bandwidth for networking in flight, according to Boeing.

This third-generation antenna system, which uses electronically controlled beams to transmit and receive signals from a designated satellite, gives commercial and military aircraft operators the ability to offer communications using commercial K- and Ka-band satellites. Boeing said the test demonstrated the system’s ability to support a range of applications, including file transfer and a Voice over Internet Protocol videoconference.

“This Ka-band phased-array antenna system supports a significant increase in bandwidth with a smaller antenna than previous Ku-band antennas, while still providing the same low profile, low drag and lower cost of installation,” said Charles Toups, vice president and general manager, Boeing Network and Tactical Systems (N&TS). “Boeing is continuing to invest in secure data-communication technologies that will improve our customers’ ability to remain networked while mobile.”

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