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Pressure Mounts as Air Traffic Increases

By Mark Holmes | October 1, 2014
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It seems every time I research a story, one of the main themes is how air traffic will increase significantly over the next few years in all regions. While the world has become a much smaller place for everybody in recent years, crowded skies put increased pressure on the industry to create solutions to manage them. In this edition of Avionics, this is one of the central themes. Woodrow Bellamy III, our community editor, gives us news on the latest developments with programs such as NextGen in the United States and Europe’s Single European Sky (SES) initiative, which aims to tackle these issues head-on. With upcoming key milestones, these ambitious programs have reached a key inflection point. The question is: Where do they go next? And, can that next step provide the desperately needed solutions we’re looking for?

On the subject of technology, this edition also focuses on satellite-based navigation solutions. With more and more satellite capacity going up into the sky, this has a key role in the future of the aviation industry, particularly as navigation will be such a key topic going forward. We look at how satellite-based navigation programs and initiatives are shaping up.

Finally, our Upgrade Central feature looks at the testing market as we profile a number of companies providing cutting-edge solutions.

Speaking of technology innovation, we are launching our first ever Avionics Excellence Awards, which will recognize companies and people throughout the industry. We believe these awards are long overdue, and we hope you decide to take part. More details can be found here: www.aviationtoday.com/avionicsawards/

Mark Holmes is the editorial director for Avionics Magazine and Via Satellite magazine.

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