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NATS Installs Air Traffic Control Simulator in Bristol

By Juliet Van Wagenen | September 2, 2014
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Air traffic control at Bristol Airport
Air Traffic Control at Bristol Airport. Photo: NATS Press Office (flickr)

[Avionics Today 09-02-2014] United Kingdom air traffic services provider NATS, is ready to provide simulator services at Bristol Airport to train Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs). The 3-D Aerodrome and Approach simulator, which will be live in December 2014, will operate remotely and provide training for new ATCs as well as allow seasoned staff to practice new procedures and techniques.

Pseudo pilots, who interact with controllers by playing the role of pilots during the training and simulation, will provide services remotely from a NATS’ Training Center in Hampshire. Three-dimensional airfield and aircraft models along with various simulated air traffic scenarios will be provided as part of a data service, with the ability to add in more at short notice if needed.

This is the latest remote facility set up by NATS and follows the installation of the remote simulator at TAG Farnborough Airport, which has been in service since February 2013.

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