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GE Announces New Approach Toward Aircraft Data

By | August 11, 2014
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GE Industrial Internet
GE Industrial Internet Diagram. Photo: GE

[Avionics Today 08-11-2014] GE announced its industrial data lake approach to help air transport operators become more efficient in analyzing and monitoring data about the in-flight performance of their aircraft systems and components. The company has launched an aviation pilot project, the “industrial data lake approach,” in collaboration with Pivotal, that would allow airline operational teams to start capturing terabytes of data for aircraft health trend analysis. GE predicts the system will provide a 2,000-times performance improvement on time to analyze data.

In a 2013 pilot, GE Aviation collected information on 15,000 flights from 25 different airlines at about 14 gigabytes of metrics per flight. By 2015, GE expects the data collection to grow to 10 million flights and 1,500 terabytes of full flight operational data.

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