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Agusta Westland Adds MAGIC1 Computer to SAR Helicopters

By gguarino | April 2, 2014
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[Avionics Today April 2, 2014] Agusta Westland is adding a new offering to its helicopters destined for search and rescue (SAR) deployment, the MAGIC1 Rugged Display Computer from GE Intelligent Platforms. 
The computer is designed to provide a Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) to pilots flying SAR operations near airborne obstacles, by indicating the distance of the helicopter from those obstacles. According to GE, Agusta Westland will add MAGIC1 to its Obstacle Proximity LIDAR system (OPLS) as a pre-configured upgrade. 
OPLS is based on a set of laser sensors, which will emit data collected by MAGIC1 to be shown on a display in the cockpit, GE said. Agusta Westland’s first installation occurred on an AW139 helicopter. 

"It is a proven, pre-configured solution that can be easily integrated onboard a helicopter with minimal integration effort and cost. The MAGIC1’s high performance enables it to allow pilots to make timely, accurate flight path decisions, while its compactness and low weight mean that it has minimal impact on the helicopter’s operating characteristics. It is also rugged, which means that it can withstand the rigors and harsh environment that are typical of search and rescue deployments," said Simon Collins, product manager, GE Intelligent Platforms. 

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