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BendixKing KLR Receives FAA Approval

By gguarino | March 5, 2014
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[Avionics Today March 5, 2014] Honeywell's BendexKing has received a letter of approval from the FAA for its KLR Lift Reserve Angle of Attack (AoA) indicator for installation in certified General Aviation (GA) aircraft. 
KLR 10 is designed to provide awareness for how much lift remains during phases of flight with the highest angles of attack (AoA) such as takeoff, approach and landing. 
The approval comes following the recent change in policy toward its regulation of AoA indicators for GA aircraft. The agency now requires manufacturers to build the AOA indicator system according to standards from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM) and apply for FAA approval for the design, certifying that the equipment meets ATSM standards. 

“Airspeed alone is not a reliable parameter to show how much remaining lift a plane has in advance of an aerodynamic stall since this will vary with aircraft weight, angle of bank and other factors,” said Kevin Gould, president, BendixKing. “Because of this, AoA is a concept that has been embraced by both the FAA and the aviation industry." 

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