Transaero Adds In-flight Connectivity

By gguarino | January 30, 2014
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Russian carrier Transaero Airlines, following a trend spreading from the United States to the international aviation community, has added in-flight connectivity to its aircraft.  
Ku-band satellite-based Wi-Fi connections are now available from Panasonic GSC on the airline's Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 long-haul aircraft, and Row 44 on 737-700/800 and 767-300 aircraft. The connection uses an 11.7-14.5 GHz frequency spectrum and allows data transmissions at 5 Mb/s speed.

Transaero first began implementing in-flight connectivity equipment on its aircraft last year. In 2013, the airline said more than 3,000 passengers used in-flight Internet on its aircraft. Highest demand for such services was reported on routes from Moscow to New York, Miami, Punta Cana, Male and Tenerife.  

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