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Introducing the New Avionics Team

By Jonathan Ray | December 1, 2013
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Welcome to the December edition of Avionics magazine where we bring you our in-depth Buyer’s Guide for the industry. Putting together a project like this is always a painstaking process, but one we think offers a lot of value to our audience.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our new team and philosophy for Avionics magazine going forward. Emily Feliz, who was the editor of the magazine, has left to take a position at Thales, and we wish her all the best for the future. Starting now, we have virtually a completely new editorial team, and we are all excited about taking on this challenge. Joining me to work on the publication will be Chelsea Bryan, our new junior editor, and Via Satellite magazine’s Managing Editor, Veronica Magan, taking on this same role for Avionics as well. We are delighted to have the opportunity to build on Emily’s work and lead Avionics magazine into a new era.

Our aim over the course of 2014 will be to bring you more cutting-edge content as we look to serve the market even better. We will aim to bring expanded regional coverage and more content from hotspots such as Latin America, Middle East & Africa and Asia. Expanding the regional focus of the publication is one of our key priorities for next year. We will continue to have a strong technology and product focus on the magazine, which is at the core of the publication, and we will also look to bring more big interviews with airlines, business jet operators and other key players as we move forward.

Being the editor of Via Satellite magazine also, I see some parallels with the avionics industry. Satellites touch our everyday lives, and in avionics I see something similar. The world has become a lot smaller, and the need for air travel is greater than ever. Developments in this market impact people across market from the business traveler to the family flying on vacation, to the UAVs flying missions in hotspots around the world. It is an incredibly diverse market and we look forward to bringing all the different strands together and creating a compelling publication. We look forward to serving you.

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