Italian Air Force, Alenia Aermacchi to Develop Praetorian MC-27J

By gguarino | November 18, 2013
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The Italian Air Force has signed an agreement with aerospace manufacturer Alenia Aermacchi at the Dubai Airshow to develop a specialized version of the MC-27J tactical airlifter.
MC-27J. Photo, courtesy of Alenia Aermacchi.
Under the agreement, Alenia Aermacchi will assist the air force in two phases, with the first phase developing a prototype of the Praetorian, a modified MC-27J equipped with mission systems, C3ISR and fire systems. During the second phase the company will provide "industrialization" of the Praetorian and "related logistic support," Alenia Aermacchi said in a statement. 

Additionally, the air force plans to convert three C-27Js currently in service into the Prateorian configuration by 2016. The C-27J is a twin-engine turboprop transport aircraft with a range of more than 860 nautical miles. All of the Praetorian aircraft will be equipped with command-and-control equipment, palletized cargo systems and fire support systems. 

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