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Transaero Expands In-flight Connectivity 

By gguarino | November 14, 2013
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Russian carrier Transaero is expanding its in-flight connectivity service to more aircraft, announcing plans Thursday to make the service available on 30 aircraft by the beginning of 2014. 
Currently the airline offers service on 13 of its aircraft, including seven Boeing 747-400s, four Boeing 777-300s and two Boeing 737s that serve as corporate retainers. Transaero engineers are currently installing Internet and mobile communication services equipment onto its fleet of Boeing 737-800s. 

FL Technics and JAT Technics will be as siting Transaero with installation of the Row44 satellite equipment. The airline’s 747-400s and 777-300s feature Panasonic’s GCS system, consisting of eXConnect and eXPhone systems.  

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