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Astronics Power Distribution Selected by OEM

By Tish Drake | October 22, 2013
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Astronics subsidiary Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems has been selected to supply its COREPOWER Electrical Power Distribution System (EPDS) for a fifth OEM aircraft program.

Additionally, Astronics delivered its first EPDS to its launch customer. This integrated aircraft power management distribution system is now entering the flight test phase of the certification path for widespread use in business aviation. The launch customer’s new aircraft is in process for its FAA and EASA certification.

Astronics’ COREPOWER EPDS includes such features as built-in load management and automatically adjustable circuit protection. Its advanced capabilities through an all-digital customizable architecture enhance crew and passenger safety; reduce pilot workload through a simpler, more highly integrated and less cluttered cockpit environment; provide greater crew control over aircraft operation and functions; and lessen aircraft complexity and weight via reductions in system components and wiring.

Two of the programs for the next-gen EPDS have already been announced, while the remaining three, which includes two rotorcraft, are expected to be announced by the end of this year. One of the strengths of this second generation COREPOWER EPDS is its flexibility, which enables it to be used on different sizes and types of aircraft, while it also supports integration with other onboard systems, such as avionics and starter generators.

“Astronics AES has been an innovator in the modernization of business jet and rotary aircraft power and distribution systems. We believe our program win with several aircraft manufacturers for the COREPOWER EPDS is a testament to the value of this system,” said Peter J. Gundermann, president and CEO of Astronics.

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