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NBAA: OnAir to Provide Systems to AAC’s 747-800i Completion Program

By Tish Drake | October 21, 2013
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OnAir will provide a range of its in-flight connectivity products on Associated Air Center’s (AAC) Boeing B747-800i VVIP completion program, for an undisclosed customer. This marks the first time Boeing’s flagship aircraft type has been equipped with OnAir’s GSM and Wi-Fi connectivity, OnAir said.

The OnAir solution, comprising both Internet OnAir and Mobile OnAir, will be installed by Associated Air Center. The owner, and the plane’s passengers and crew, will have access to the full range of connectivity options, including email, calls, text messages and the Internet. As a result, passengers will be able to use their own personal electronic devices in exactly the same way as they do on the ground.

“This project is a fantastic culmination of a great twelve months for OnAir’s VIP program,” said Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir. “Many of our existing customers have extended the deployment of our connectivity throughout their fleets and we have seen a whole raft of new customers. The consistent feedback is that aircraft owners and operators appreciate the ease of working with us. They know we will deliver on our promises. Installing the lightweight hardware is always a smooth process, as is the certification, support and program management around it.”

OnAir connectivity technology is highly flexible and can be fitted both in the factory and as retrofit to a wide range of VIP aircraft. It is certified on the Falcon 7X, the A320 family, A330s, A340s, B737s and is now undergoing certification on B747-800i.

Boeing’s fourth generation 747 passenger aircraft entered service in July 2012 and this OnAir-equipped aircraft will be delivered in 2015. TriaGnoSys’ GSMConneX hardware will be installed on the B747-800i, linking the OnAir services to the ground over Inmarsat’s global SwiftBroadband network.

“We are very pleased to have a strong partnership with Associated Air Center,” continued Dawkins. “We provide the most comprehensive inflight connectivity package on the market and AAC is one of the finest completion centres for both Boeing Business Jets and Airbus aircraft. The synergies are obvious and we look forward to working on more projects with AAC’s professional and highly experienced team.”

OnAir also works with a growing list of completion centres around the world. VIP, government and business jet owners and operators can therefore use their preferred completion centre to equip their aircraft with OnAir inflight connectivity.

“We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers’ aircraft not only meet but exceed expectations,” said Jack Lawless, Associated Air Center’s CEO. “Inflight connectivity is a must for any VIP aircraft. Working hand in hand with the OnAir team makes the whole process of installing connectivity, from certification to final activation, very efficient.”

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