Astronics Buys AeroSat for $12 Million

By Woodrow Bellamy III | October 1, 2013
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Avionics manufacturer Astronics Corp., in an effort to increase its aircraft electronics business, on Tuesday announced its $12 million acquisition of aircraft antenna systems provider AeroSat. 
The acquisition will help expand Astronics into the production of fuselage and tail-mounted antenna systems that enable satellite and ground-based communication for commercial and military aircraft. Nashua, N.H.-based AeroSat is currently working on getting several antenna systems certified by FAA for use with Gogo's in-flight connectivity platform. 
AeroSat President Dennis Ferguson will continue to run operations for the company. 
"We have long been involved in helping aircraft passengers remain productive by powering their electronics devices. Now, with AeroSat, we also provide antenna systems that enable broadband connectivity. We believe AeroSat's capabilities fit in well with our vision for the future," said Peter J. Gunderman, CEO of Astronics. 

Astronics is projecting an earn out of $5-20 million from the acquisition of AeroSat. 

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