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Russian Operators Select Honeywell Avionics for New Aircraft

By | August 29, 2013
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Honeywell received orders for a total of 126 of its avionics suites from Russian airlines Aeroflot and UTair, and aircraft leasing firm Aviation Capital Services (ACS). 
(Honeywell's Intuvue 3D weather radar was among the avionics selected by the operators at MAKS 2013. Photo, courtesy of Honeywell.)
The Orders were received at the International International Aviation and Space Salon, known as the MAKS 2013 Air Show, held at Moscow’s Zhukovsky Airport this week. The orders call for 16 for Aeroflot's Boeing 777 fleet, 50 for ACS' new Boeing Next-Generation 737s, 40 for UTAIR's 737NGs and 20 for the new fleet.
"In Honeywell we have selected a proven and trusted avionics partner, building on a well-established relationship we already have in auxiliary power units," said Anton Belofastove, 737/777 fleet manager at Aeroflot. 

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